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Park West Team Brings Healthy Eating to Heart Walk
May 3, 2018 -0 Likes-More

At Park West, we’re landscapers by trade but teachers at heart. That’s why we had an amazing time teaching kids and their families how to grow tomato plants at...

Proper Tree Pruning: The Secret to Maintaining Your Urban Forest
April 12, 2018 -5 Likes-More

By Jessica Weber, Business Developer, Certified Arborist (WE-11779A), Park West Tree Care More than 325 million people live in the U.S. today, and it’s no surprise that according to...

Top Recommendations for Fall Planting
October 18, 2017 -0 Likes-More

When it comes to planting, most of us automatically think of spring, since this season is most associated with planting seeds, seedlings, and other plants that will benefit from...

Tree Trimming Leaves a Lasting Impression
October 11, 2017 -1 Like-More

Children at the Hoag Hospital Child Care Center were recently treated to the sight of skilled Park West tree workers as they went about their usual trimming duties.  According...

Tips for Composting
October 4, 2017 -2 Likes-More

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned “green thumb” gardener or a novice just starting out, if you want to catch the latest wave of composting, there are a...

When to Mulch and What to Mulch
September 27, 2017 -0 Likes-More

Adding mulch to your shrubs and other plants pays important dividends over time that other forms of gardening just can’t match. The major benefit in mulching is that it...

Park West – Pretend City
September 20, 2017 -1 Like-More

Pretend City Children’s Museum in Irvine, CA, presents “the world in a nut shell.” It’s a wonderful place designed to teach children how communities work in a child-size, interconnected...

Park West Establishes New Learning Academy
July 26, 2017 -2 Likes-More

In an effort to educate its staff and remain current in landscaping and plant maintenance, Park West Companies has created the Park West Learning Academy to provide a range...

How to Identify Heat Stress in Turf, Trees, and Plants
July 19, 2017 -1 Like-More

Sometimes when plants, turf, and trees look sick or appear to be under attack by insects, the symptoms are actually a sign that the plant is being stressed by...

How to Create a Bee-Friendly Garden
July 12, 2017 -2 Likes-More

Most homeowners, and many gardeners, are unfamiliar with the vital role bees and other pollinators play in a healthy and productive garden. Simply put, pollinators, and especially bees touch...

Bug Repellent Plants
July 5, 2017 -0 Likes-More

Nothing ruins a patio party faster than mosquitoes (except maybe fire ants…or biting flies). Mosquitoes, flies, beetles and other pesky party spoilers are uber-annoying when you’re trying to enjoy...

How to Propagate Roses From Cuttings
May 30, 2017 -1 Like-More

With their beautiful, fragrant blossoms, it makes sense to want as many rose bushes as possible in your garden. Learning to propagate roses from cuttings will give you a...

Succulents Guide
May 24, 2017 -1 Like-More

Succulents are the hot new botanical trend, and while gardeners in most parts of the country have to satisfy themselves with puny indoor succulents, landscapers in Southern California have...

How to Control Aphids
May 17, 2017 -1 Like-More

Looking for a way to rid yourself of little pests that can cause big damage in your garden? These aphid control techniques will help you save your plants. Diagnosing...

What To Do With Spring Bulbs After Flowering
May 12, 2017 -0 Likes-More

Daffodils, ranunculus bulbs, anemones bulbs other bulb flowers are beautiful signs that spring has officially sprung. However, once the blooms fade and your spring flowers have done their job...

Why Adjust Mowing Height?
April 12, 2017 -0 Likes-More

You may be aware that lawnmowers allow the user to adjust cutting distance, but do you know why this is? If not, you may be doing damage to your...

Tips For Lawn Fertilization
April 5, 2017 -1 Like-More

When executed properly, fertilization can add beauty and value to your lawn. However, there’s a right and wrong way to go about it. Learn more with these tips. 1)...

Spring Maintenance Checklist
March 29, 2017 -1 Like-More

Get your garden ready for summer’s glorious return with this simple spring maintenance plan. From planting to fighting weeds before they have a chance to take hold, you can...

Recipe for Great Soil
February 23, 2017 -1 Like-More

How can you improve the soil in your planting containers, lawn or garden? While different planting conditions require different types of dirt, there are some basic elements that...

Why You Should Still Practice Water Conservation (After All This Amazing Rain)
February 15, 2017 -0 Likes-More

Torrential rains have brought drought relief to California, and while this is good news throughout the state, it is perhaps most welcome here in SoCal, where the drought did...

Give Your Valentine the Right Message: What Do Your Flowers Say?
February 8, 2017 -1 Like-More

Nothing symbolizes love quite like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but there’s more to that bouquet than its external beauty. If you want to send a special message to...

Winter Pruning Guide
January 25, 2017 -0 Likes-More

To prune or not to prune? It’s a valid question to ponder in the winter months, especially in a unique place like Southern California. Though winters here don’t typically...

La Niña Winter Outlook
January 19, 2017 -1 Like-More

The prospect of a La Niña winter brought a twinge of nervousness to climate scientists, farmers and property owners alike. La Niña on the West Coast typically brings dry...

New Year, New Landscape: Landscape Upgrades to Consider in 2017
January 11, 2017 -1 Like-More

A new year signals a fresh start, and this change inspires many people to set ambitious goals and resolutions. New year’s resolutions can be hard to keep, but you...

Choosing Frost-Tolerant Plants For Southern California Winters
December 27, 2016 -0 Likes-More

Gardeners know that every plant has its strengths and its weaknesses. Some plants are better suited to winter chill than others. In fact, if you live in a part...

So Cal Plants That Stand Out In The Winter
December 20, 2016 -1 Like-More

Winter often recalls images of bare tree branches and naked flower bushes, but that’s not a complete picture. With the right plants, your winter garden can be just as...

Creative Ways to Extend the Life of Your Christmas Tree
December 13, 2016 -0 Likes-More

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you want your cut Christmas tree to stay fragrant and beautiful until the very end. There are some practical steps...

Fall Landscape Checklist – Preparing for Spring
December 5, 2016 -0 Likes-More

Living in California has it perks, but keeping a healthy looking grass year round is not one of them. People take pride in their lawns because it is a...

Every Day Is Halloween for These Creepy Plants
October 25, 2016 -1 Like-More

A sunny gerbera daisy or friendly pine tree doesn’t typically strike fear into the hearts of men, but that doesn’t meant that plants can’t get spooky. Think of the...

How to Tell If Your Tree Is Healthy
October 18, 2016 -0 Likes-More

Almost every type of tree experiences a dormancy period. Even evergreens take breaks during the colder months, although their rest period is less dramatically obvious than their deciduous cousins’...

Simple Steps to Get Your Lawn Spruced Up for Winter
October 11, 2016 -0 Likes-More

You probably get the most enjoyment out of your lawn during spring and summer, but those seasons aren’t the only times of the year it needs maintenance. Prep your...

What Causes Trees and Other Plants to Get Their Fall Color?
October 6, 2016 -0 Likes-More

One of the most basic things about leaves of all kinds, whether they’re on trees or plants, is that they make their own life-sustaining energy through the process of...

Tree Injections- Shots for My Trees?
September 27, 2016 -0 Likes-More

With the drought taking hold on Southern California our trees have not only suffered due to lack of water and poor soil conditions, but due to pests as well....

Preparing Your Landscape for Fall
September 20, 2016 -0 Likes-More

Fall means enjoying a harvest of winter squash and raking up leaves, but that’s not all you need to do to get ready for the autumnal season. Just...

How to Cut Daylilies Back
September 13, 2016 -0 Likes-More

As reliable bloomers and prolific multipliers, daylilies are a favorite for home gardens in many different climates and regions. While these hardy plants can thrive on their own, they...

Fall Foliage: Plants with the Best Fall Colors
September 7, 2016 -0 Likes-More

An iconic autumn with brisk winds and heaps of technicolor leaves isn’t much of a reality in Southern California. That’s because most trees well-known for their spectacular fall displays...

How to Tell If Your Lawn Needs Fertilizing
August 23, 2016 -1 Like-More

Undernourished Lawns: When Do You Need Fertilizer? Think about the most appealing grass you’ve ever seen. It was probably a rich green color, with robust blades and no evident...

Mosquitoes – Zika and West Nile Protection
August 10, 2016 -0 Likes-More

Mosquitoes: More Than Just a Nuisance  With the rise of blood-borne illnesses such as Zika and West Nile, homeowners are increasingly eager to keep mosquitoes from setting up shop...

What are Pre-Emergent Herbicides and how do I use them?
August 5, 2016 -0 Likes-More

Pre-emergent chemicals are tools used by both homeowner and commercial landscaper alike. Pre-emergent herbicides kill the weed seeds as they are trying to germinate in the soil.  Just as...

Best Plants to Beautify Your Landscape This Summer
July 19, 2016 -1 Like-More

Gardening in Southern California presents the dual challenge of managing temperatures and moisture levels. This region, which is generally classified as zones 8–10 on the USDA hardiness scale (with...

Simple Ways to Conserve Water This Summer
July 12, 2016 -0 Likes-More

Water conservation advice usually focuses on those somewhat unpleasant tasks many of us would rather not do, especially when it comes to bathroom habits. But you don’t have to...

State of the Union: The California Drought
July 5, 2016 -0 Likes-More

As of 2016, California is in its fifth year of drought. Though there were a few good periods of rainfall during the El Niño winter of 2015, it was...

Glamorize Your Garden with Patriotic Plants
June 29, 2016 -0 Likes-More

There are lots of ways to inject your SoCal garden with patriotic symbolism, from planting native species to choosing plants with symbolic significance, like George Washington’s cherry tree. But...

June Bugs: Where do they come from, where do they go?
June 21, 2016 -11 Likes-More

June bugs are often a nuisance during the late spring and summer months, particularly at night when they become the most active and are drawn toward light sources in...

What are Post-Emergent Herbicides and How Do I use Them?
June 15, 2016 -4 Likes-More

Weeds are an unsightly problem that nearly all gardeners must contend with at one point or another. Not only do they ruin the aesthetic of a well-cared-for yard, but...

When is the best time to plant a tree?
June 8, 2016 -0 Likes-More

Experienced gardeners will tell you that timing is everything when it comes to planting, especially for those species that need time to develop their root systems and acclimate to...

Types of Turf in Southern California
May 31, 2016 -0 Likes-More

Lawn Lowdown: Types of Turf for SoCal Yards Almost nothing beats the satisfaction of cultivating a verdant lawn and relaxing atop it once it’s thriving. Fortunately, there are many...

How to Identify Common Lawn Insects
May 24, 2016 -0 Likes-More
How to Stop Lawn Grubs 
May 19, 2016 -1 Like-More

Lawn Diagnosis: Grub Attack There are random, irregularly shaped dead patches in your lawn, and you aren’t quite sure why. You may also notice an influx of digging...

What is Thatch and Why Should You be Concerned
May 11, 2016 -7 Likes-More

How to Identify and Control Thatch Thatch is mostly invisible to the naked eye, especially if you’re looking at your lawn from standing height. It grows right next to...

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