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Landscape Construction – Fremont, CA

42035 Osgood Rd.
Fremont, CA 94539
Phone: 925-361-4900
Fax: 925-361-4901


Budget Prep and Pre-Construction Services

Collaboration with customer and designer on materials sourcing, cost estimating and value-engineering services to ensure highest quality project on time and on budget.


Manual control, central computer-controlled, conventional spray, low-flow drip, water-efficient, hydro-zone appropriate, in compliance codes and standards.


Proper plant identification as well as cultural practices from installation through establishment for a healthy, vigorous landscape.

Plant Procurement

Extensive network of growers and nurseries to find and procure the best plant material, then manage sourcing, scheduling and tagging.

Design Assist

Active collaboration with consultant during early stages to develop realistic cost estimates, eliminate traditional bid process and smooth the transition from design to project completion.