Creative Ways to Extend the Life of Your Christmas Tree

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you want your cut Christmas tree to stay fragrant and beautiful until the very end. There are some practical steps to take to make sure this happens: select your tree carefully, trim the bottom, keep it watered, don’t put it too close to a heat source, and use LED rather than incandescent lights. Generally, a tree that stays moist and avoids the drying effects of heat will remain green and fresh for weeks. But there are also a lot of think-outside-the-box home-grown remedies available that you can try. Take a look and get your strategy set before you bring your tree home.

pw-christmas-treeFeed Your Tree

From bottled Christmas tree food to sugar, soda and aspirin, you can find a lot of advice for how to feed your tree and keep it looking fresh. None of these techniques are substantiated with research or even basic scientific logic, so your mileage may vary. But some people swear by these techniques. To give it a try, mix some clear soda or a simple syrup mixture into your tree’s water supply. If you want to try out the aspirin technique, crush an uncoated aspirin tablet and let it dissolve in the water. See if it makes a difference!

Keep the Trunk Open For Business

Evergreen tree trunks are full of sap, and that sap seeps out whenever the trunk is cut. This is why it’s so important to trim your tree’s base after you bring it home. If the trunk seals off with sap, it won’t absorb any water. If you want to really make sure your tree stays hydrated, try drilling some small holes into the base of the trunk.

Pamper Your Tree

Clearly, moisture is one of the major keys to Christmas tree longevity, and that applies to the whole tree, not just the trunk. Give your tree a spa-like experience by setting up a humidifier nearby so it’s constantly bathed in a light mist of moisture. Also, avoid putting super cold water in the tree stand when you refill it. Room temperature is fine; going too far in the other direction and adding scalding water is also a bad idea. Some people feel that cold water stresses the tree and shortens its life.

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