How to Tell If Your Tree Is Healthy

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Almost every type of tree experiences a dormancy period. Even evergreens take breaks during the colder months, although their rest period is less dramatically obvious than their deciduous cousins’ histrionic displays of fall color before losing their leaves. Aside from this natural period of temporary apparent decline, trees can go through a lot of other phases in their life cycles that raise questions as to whether they’re healthy and thriving or merely hanging on to survive.

Major Warning Signs

There are some instantly obvious signs that a tree isn’t healthy or is on its way to some major problems. Look at the trunk, particularly at the section closest to the ground, where the tree locks in 02j69084and supports itself. Is there any fungus growing directly on the wood? That’s a sign that your tree’s trunk is dying. Lichen and moss are fine, but fungus — mushrooms and other types — grows in decaying matter, and it’s a sign that your tree is on a decline that you may not be able to reverse. Carpenter ants and their signature piles and trails of sawdust are another sign that decay is in full effect.

Other major issues, including cracks in the trunk or entire branches that are decaying or dead, signal that something bad is happening inside your tree, something you may not be able to reverse. Trees can sometimes survive major damage, but not when that damage shows up in a big way. If you aren’t sure whether your tree can be saved or don’t have the ability to safely take it down yourself, call in a professional for assistance.

Signs of Health

What should you look for as a sign of well-being and health in your trees?

Uniform leaf color is one of the easiest things to look out for, but there are some caveats. Seasonal leaf color changes are natural, and most trees tend to turn colors gradually, creating natural variations. However, if your tree is going straight from green to brown, or your tree’s leaves and branches are showing brown tips, that might be a sign of anything from fungus to drought stress.

New growth is also something to look out for, meaning you may have to wait until spring to see how your tree does when it comes to producing new leaves. If the new growth is green and even, that’s a good sign.

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