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July 26, 2017.2 Likes
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DSC_2316 copyIn an effort to educate its staff and remain current in landscaping and plant maintenance, Park West Companies has created the Park West Learning Academy to provide a range of training programs for its employees. The Academy officially kicked off in May, and Jim Tracy, Park West Companies CEO, opened its first session by delivering a message to those in attendance, saying in part, “As an organization, we have set aggressive goals for growth in the coming years. For us to reach them, we will need each and every one of you to be your best. This academy will be the place where we come together in our common cause to grow as professionals and as people. The opening of our academy is a defining moment and a milestone in the evolution of our organization and culture.”

As part of its commitment to creating an industry-leading learning program, Park West has partnered with highly regarded industry veteran and training expert Parke Kallenberg to assist in the development and delivery of courses.  According to Kallenberg, Park West places a high priority on making sure it’s staff is up to date with the latest information and trends within the landscape maintenance industry. “Working with the Park West team is such a pleasure”, shares Kallenberg.  “Park West has an intense focus on employees improving their skills and knowledge. The organization’s leadership knows that the Learning Academy will empower employees to reach their potential, strengthen their team, and improve service for their clients.”  

DSC_2331 copyCourses delivered during the academy’s first week included participants from all divisions, ranging from field personnel to executives. Going forward, the academy will focus on programs geared toward role-specific certification and advancement, but will also offer many opportunities for employees to satisfy various continuing education requirements. Future course development will include leadership, technology, language, professional skills and safety, among many others.

Of those who attended the initial session, all came away extremely pleased. When asked about her first experience in the Learning Academy, Accounts Payable Manager and longtime employee Jesika Nguyen said, “It was fun, and I learned a lot. I think it’s very special that we have an opportunity like this, and I can’t wait to attend my next class.”

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