Tree Injections- Shots for My Trees?

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With the drought taking hold on Southern California our trees have not only suffered due to lack of water and poor soil conditions, but due to pests as well. Just like the human body, trees when weakened by drought or any other stresses become more susceptible to become “sick” with pests. Insects have the ability to seek out and are attracted to stressed trees, which cause the already failing trees to rapidly decline. By injecting trees straight into their “blood stream”, or internal pumping system known as the xylem and phloem, we can get faster chemical or fertilizer uptake and correct the tree issues much quicker than the previous methods. 02b45000

The xylem and phloem is an internal pumping system that all woody trees have. This system runs from the very tips of the roots all the way to the tips of each leaf and everywhere in between. This
system pumps nutrients and water up through the tree through the xylem and pumps the food, made through photosynthesis in the leaves, down and throughout the tree through the phloem.

When tree injections are used, a small hole is drilled into the tree bark through the cambium layer and stopping just at the heartwood. It is here that the xylem and phloem, or pumping system is located. The injection or “shot” is placed in the hole and injected straight into the xylem and phloem, rapidly and systemically pumping the chemical or fertilizer throughout the tree. This chemical begins to control whichever pests or ailment it is designed to within minutes. Many trees that could not be saved by this technology previously are and one of our most precious (and expensive) assets live to see another day.

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