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Lawn Lowdown: Types of Turf for SoCal Yards

Almost nothing beats the satisfaction of cultivating a verdant lawn and relaxing atop it once it’s thriving. Fortunately, there are many different turf types available in Southern California that are ideal for creating a lush, green outdoor space. When choosing a type of turf for a yard, there are quite a few things to consider, including how well it tolerates the natural climate of the area, the type of soil it does best in, the amount of sun it prefers and the level of foot traffic it can safely tolerate. Bermuda, St. Augustine, Bahia and Zoysia varieties are all prime choices that can thrive in the warm, semi-arid SoCal climate.

Bermuda Turf

Bermuda turf is a smart choice for Southern California because it’s somewhat drought-resistant and requires less water than many other types of grass. It’s highly tolerant of traffic, which makes it a good option for a backyard or even a sports field. This type of turf does best under full sun, and prefers light, airy soil. It grows quickly, however, which necessitates frequent mowing.

St. Augustine Turf

St. Augustine turf is a hearty variety that can tolerate low amounts of water without losing its color. This type of grass does well in sandy soil, which is very common in the region. It prefers partial or dappled sunlight, making it an ideal choice for an area flanked by shade trees. St. Augustine grows at a moderate pace and is highly traffic-tolerant.

Bahia Turf

People who have difficulty keeping their lawns alive because of poor soil quality may want to try Bahia turf. It’s highly resilient across a wide variety of soil types, including arid and infertile soil. However, it is less drought-resistant than some turf types. Texture-wise, it’s coarse and provides a thick covering. Bahia turf is moderately traffic-tolerant and thrives under full or partial sun.

Zoysia Turf

Another type of turf that does well in the Southern California climate—and does not require large amounts of water—is Zoysia turf. It enjoys robust growth in both sun and shade, and the blades are more flexible than many other types of grass, reducing the amount of breakage and making it tolerant to heavy traffic. Zoysia prefers slightly acidic soil, but it can flourish in many soil types. It is slow growing, which means infrequent mowing is enough to keep it looking its best.



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