Tree Care


Our certified Arborists will thoroughly inspect and evaluate soil conditions and irrigation needs to help determine the healthcare needs of a tree. Park West will perform the necessary tests to establish the proper nutrient and watering protocol for your trees circumstances.

tree-care-proPROACTIVE STEPS

A healthy tree is a beautiful tree. Park West helps maintain the beauty of your trees with a program of thinning and trimming. This assures the continued health and robust growth and reduces the possibility of damage due to wind or insects.


If a tree has been damaged due to insects, wind or other factors, Park West will do our best to save your tree with application of products designed for your particular trouble or by removing distressed limbs and branches. When there is no other recourse, Park West is also equipped to remove the entire tree as a last resort.

The trees were the best they’ve ever looked after pruning the California Peppers.Sheridan HOA Board of Directors / Accell Property Management (Barbara Belkin)
Park West Tree Care is doing a great job. Keep up the good work!Stonegate Community – Property Manager: Crummack Huseby (Danielle Baines)
We greatly appreciate the updates and hard work that Park West Tree Care provides, thank you!Canyon Springs Marketplace – Property Manager: Essex Realty Management, Inc., (Rochelle Mendez)
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