Landscape Construction


At Park West, we believe that proper plant installation is one of the most vital elements of a successful landscape. Planting has the biggest visual impact and typically expresses the Landscape Architect’s vision. Working hand in hand with your consultant in laying out tree, palm and shrub material, whether it is a 5 ton Phoenix canariensis rigged to a crane or drifts of 5 gallon Agave vilmoriniana in a pattern, Park West will do what it takes to achieve the design intent.

We are dedicated to continually educating our staff in proper plant identification and cultural practices to ensure a successful transition from installation through plant establishment, providing for our clients a healthy, vigorous landscape.


With decades of experience in a spectrum of irrigation systems, from conventional spray to low flow drip, from manual to central computer-controlled, to the latest legislative water-saving mandates, Park West understands that each site presents challenges that an irrigation plan often cannot predict. Our technical field experts have the experience and product knowledge necessary to collaborate with the consultant in installing an irrigation system that will be water efficient and preserve the hydro-zones that were intended, in compliance with the established codes and standards of the governing water agency.

landscape-construction-design-assistDESIGN ASSIST

Park West’s design assist capability provides the client with an opportunity to shorten the project delivery process timeline. It is an innovative approach in which we become an active part of the design team from a budget and project management standpoint. Collaborating with the landscape design consultant during the early stages of design, Park West will develop realistic cost estimates enabling the team to monitor the budget along the way. This adds value by saving time and money, eliminating the traditional bid process where real costs can become an unwelcome surprise, oftentimes requiring re-design and re-bidding. Enlisting Park West’s assistance during the design process allows an inherent understanding of the design intent by the project management team, enabling a smooth transition from design to project completion within budget.

landscape-construction-plant-procurementPLANT PROCUREMENT

We have an extensive network of relationships with plant growers and nurseries throughout the West developed over thirty plus years in the business. Park West prides itself on locating and procuring the best quality of plant material for your project. Park West’s highly skilled staff will work with the client and consultant in sourcing, tagging and scheduling the plant material needed to ensure that our customers are satisfied.


Park West works closely with the customer and designer to source materials, estimate costs and provide value-engineering services. This ensures the highest quality project on budget and on time.

The services provided by Park West have been commendable, punctual, within budget and have exceeded our expectations.Arian Maher, Regional Manager, Kimco Realty
They are professional and efficient, and I know my account supervisor will get the job done- on time- no matter what I ask. What makes Park West unique is the personal touch they have on each account.Michelle Stanovich, Community Manager, Keystone Pacific Property Management
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