Give Your Valentine the Right Message: What Do Your Flowers Say?

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03D22598 copyNothing symbolizes love quite like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but there’s more to that bouquet than its external beauty. If you want to send a special message to your love this Valentine’s Day, pick flowers not just for their color, shape and scent but also for their symbolic meaning. Your bouquet can represent the way you feel about the love of your life and also capture some of the qualities you admire in their personality and appearance.

Once you have your perfectly poetic blend of blossoms all picked out, be sure to let your Valentine know what motivated you to choose those specific flowers. It’s a sweet way to show how much you love and admire your partner.


As the most iconic flower of romance, roses are a classic choice for a Valentine’s Day bouquet. These beautiful blooms represent passionate love, and each individual rose color has its own additional layer of symbolism, making it easy to build a beautiful and multifaceted bouquet with the holiday’s most popular flower. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Red rose = romance
  • Orange rose = desire
  • Pink rose = happiness
  • Yellow rose = joy
  • Peach rose = appreciation
  • Lavender rose = love at first sight


There are several different kinds of lilies, and they all look great displayed alone or in a group with other flowers. Some lilies are quite fragrant, making them a lovely choice for a Valentine’s Day gift. These are the flowers of symbolic refined beauty, but each individual lily variety has its own special meaning, including:

  • Calla lily = magnificent beauty
  • Lily of the valley = sweetness
  • Stargazer lily = prosperity


With their charming shape and delicate upright petals, tulips are a gorgeous choice for a standalone bouquet. Tulips symbolize the idea of perfect love, and they come in a wide variety of colors with additional meanings. You’ll have no problem spelling out your love with a rainbow of tulips that includes these colors:

  • Purple tulip = royalty
  • Yellow tulip = cheerfulness
  • Red tulip = true love
  • Pink tulip = confidence
  • White tulip = respect

Keep the Love Alive

If your Valentine loves gardening, consider giving some of these flowers in bulb or bush form instead of a cut bouquet. Tulips are annual bulbs, so they only bloom once, but lily and rose plants typically grow and bloom again and again. Both lilies and roses grow well in most parts of Southern California, so consider going this route if you want to keep the symbolism alive for years to come.

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