Tree Trimming Leaves a Lasting Impression

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image001Children at the Hoag Hospital Child Care Center were recently treated to the sight of skilled Park West tree workers as they went about their usual trimming duties.  According to some of their parents however, what became apparent immediately was that, what is routine for the tree trimmers, the children viewed as brave and graceful, leaving a lasting impression on the young people.  Many of the kids talked about how the workers would climb up the trees, always with a buddy, and how other times they would get into a box that would take them to the top.  The children studied the “Men in the trees”, captivated by the noise of the equipment and action of the team.

The tree workers plugged away, not realizing yet, the impact they were having on the children.  The show went on for three days and when the job was completed, the tree team had the opportunity to interact with their audience of youngsters.  The children gushed about the chainsaws, the “wood chomper” (wood chipper) and the other tools of the trade, but what made the moment special is that it would be hard to say which group enjoyed it more—the kids who’s imaginations were engaged or the tree workers who were rewarded that day with something we all appreciate, recognition of our talent and hard work.

image002As we get older and take on new responsibilities, our attention is drawn in many directions.  It becomes much harder to find the time to pause long enough to really appreciate the world around us.  As they started their work, on what seemed to be an ordinary day, the “Men in the trees” had no idea of the impact they would have on the children at Hoag’s Child Care Center.  The kids remind us to stay connected with the ability to find joy in learning and allow ourselves to have a mindset where even simple things stimulate our imagination.

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