New Year, New Landscape: Landscape Upgrades to Consider in 2017

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A new year signals a fresh start, and this change inspires many people to set ambitious goals and resolutions. New year’s resolutions can be hard to keep, but you can change that in 2017. Keep the spirit of renewal alive all year long by focusing on your landscape. A little bit of investment in your outdoor spaces will pay dividends in fresh, natural beauty.

Keep It Simple

Small changes can make a big difference in your landscape. Whether it’s a new planting arrangement or a small series of container gardens in a previously bare courtyard, modest changes add color, texture and dimension to your outdoor space. From your home entryway to the parking lot at your place of business, you and your guests will feel refreshed and invigorated by the sight of some new plants.

Get Advanced

irrigationSometimes, you need a big change to really feel your best. Advanced landscaping changes create a more dramatic sense of renewal, and these changes can extend well beyond the aesthetic. Living in Southern California means coping with dry weather, but you can resolve to make the most of it this year. If you’re struggling to keep your lawns green, consider installing a built-in irrigation system that restores a verdant freshness to your landscape.

The right irrigation system will increase efficiency, resulting in a picture-perfect garden that looks hard-won but is actually worry free. And if your current landscape looks a little lackluster, consider laying down a fresh lawn or landscaping design on top of your new irrigation system for a completely fresh start that sets the right tone for the new year.

You can also choose to embrace the unique beauty of the Southern California landscape by going for a drought-tolerant landscape arrangement. You’ll get to enjoy the beauty of unique trees, shrubs and succulents that were born to thrive in this corner of the world, providing a renewed sense of place for all who visit your property. This is a great landscaping goal to pair with a resolution to reduce environmental impact in 2017.

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