Simple Steps to Get Your Lawn Spruced Up for Winter

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You probably get the most enjoyment out of your lawn during spring and summer, but those seasons aren’t the only times of the year it needs maintenance. Prep your grass for survival during the colder months with a few key tips.

1. Give Your Lawn a Major Haircut

Winter is a dormant season for most types of turf, so giving the grass a buzz cut that goes as short as 1 inch can actually help it look neater and tidier during the dark, cold season. Make this dramatic cut in early-mid fall to get a jump on winter prep and set your grass up for spring success. As an added bonus, you’ll make lawn maintenance a snap during the last few months of the year, which typically see plenty of plant debris due to seasonal die-off.

2. Give Your Soil a Checkup

If you’ve never tested the soil under your grass, do it this year. If you’ve done it in the past 3 years and you think your grass is looking good, you can skip it; otherwise, go ahead and test. Test kits are easy to find, and they’ll tell you what nutrients are missing from your lawn’s underground support system. Early in the coldest season, well before there’s a chance of a hard freeze, give your lawn a good fertilizing boost with the nutrients that show up as deficient in your tests. Phosphorus and Potassium nutrients help put your turfgrass to sleep and get it ready for a spring push.

3. Fill In Bald Spots

Take the time now to overseed areas where grass has died off. Before you do, though, try to get to the bottom of why those bald spots are there in the first place. If you’ve got critters killing your root system, irrigation issues, or a fungus causing patchy dead spots, solve those problems rather than simply covering up the results.

4. Add Winter-Friendly Plants

Enhance your overall landscaping by taking some of the burden off your lawn and adding some gorgeous greenery that keeps its pep even when daylight is scarce and temperatures are low. Some even help out with Christmas decor by displaying red flowers, berries, and seed pods in wintertime. Evergreen varieties of viburnum, for example, keep their green leaves all year round. Many of these plants may need to get into the ground in the warmer months to properly establish themselves, so it’s never too early to start thinking about your lawn’s winter look.

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