Simple Ways to Conserve Water This Summer

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wateringWater conservation advice usually focuses on those somewhat unpleasant tasks many of us would rather not do, especially when it comes to bathroom habits. But you don’t have to totally change your routine in order to save water this summer. These simple suggestions make it easy to cut down on your usage in the garden.

Head Back to Natural: Stick with Native Plants

Yes, California is experiencing a historic drought, but the succulent and drought-tolerant plants that are native to Southern California are still a better bet than those that flourish outside of hot, arid areas. If you’re dead-set on having some water-hogging plants, keep them limited to a few in a garden bed or two. Definitely don’t incorporate swaths of cover plants, like grass, that blanket large surface areas. That is, don’t try to grow a lush green lawn if you’re trying to save water.

Watch Your Water: Use the Proper Technique

Make sure you’re watering when your plants can make the most of the water they’re getting rather than having it evaporate quickly under a hot, bright sun. Morning watering is best for plants situated directly in the ground, and afternoon watering after the sun moves out of peak position is best for potted plants.

Watering at the right time of day makes a huge difference, but watering in the right way is also important. Water deeply, and target your saturation where most of the plant’s roots are likely to be. This means that your super-soaker sprinkler system is probably not the best tool for watering. Instead, use a can or a hose with a sprayer attachment to saturate the soil at the base of each individual plant. Go for depth rather than surface area coverage.

Waste Not, Want Not: Reuse Your Water

Don’t dump out your cooking water! Let it cool down and feed it to your plants. Whether you’re boiling eggs, potatoes or pasta, your plants will appreciate the added nutrients in the water. Similarly, any water drawn out of an aquarium for a water change is fine to feed to your plants — the trace nutrients from fish food and beneficial bacteria make a healthy treat for your foliage.


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