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When executed properly, fertilization can add beauty and value to your lawn. However, there’s a right and wrong way to go about it. Learn more with these tips.

lawn1) Test Your Soil

Fertilizing your lawn requires some finesse. If you use the wrong kind of fertilizer, you can actually end up damaging your lawn. Plus, adding fertilizer your lawn doesn’t need contributes to the pollution of Southern California’s lakes and rivers. To make sure you know exactly what kind of nutrients your lawn needs, test the soil and see what elements are lacking.

2) Exercise Caution With Nitrogen

Nitrogen is an essential element in plant growth and soil health, but it’s nonetheless possible to go overboard and harm your lawn if nitrogen isn’t applied carefully. If your soil test shows that your nitrogen levels are too low, start with a light application of nitrogen fertilizer. It isn’t necessary to pick a high-nitrogen fertilizer. Too much nitrogen can actually burn your lawn, so make your first application a small one and see how that works. If the next soil test shows that the nitrogen level is still too low, you can make your next application a little bit bigger.

3) Use Proper Application Technique

Sometimes, it’s necessary to apply fertilizer to turf that’s become patchy and malnourished in specific areas. If you’re trying to revive a lawn that’s only partially in need of fertilization, use a controlled fertilizer application technique. Drop spreaders allow you to make small deposits of fertilizer in specific locations, and they’re preferable to rotary spreaders, which have a much wider and more generalized reach.

4) Don’t Fertilize a Dry Lawn

It can be tempting to go out and fertilize as soon as you know your lawn needs it, but if you’re patient and take the proper precautions, it’ll pay off in the end. Prepare your lawn by giving it a good watering at least 24 hours in advance of fertilizing. When the lawn is dry, you can apply your fertilizer. The moisture in the soil works to protect the roots from chemical burns and helps with absorption. Give the grass a light rinse after you apply the fertilizer so you can avoid burning the leaves.

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